Family Wooden Hockey Game

Family Wooden Hockey Game

Family Wooden Hockey Game

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Introducing New Design WOODEN HOCKEY TABLE GAME!

  • This is a MUST HAVE head to head finger Hockey Action for your game room.
  • It's super easy to play and provides you a friendly competition with your friend.
  • Unlike the old design, this is lightweight and can be carried when you are on travel.
  • Builds hand-eye coordination & hockey strategy development for your kids.



  • Firstly, always to use only one finger!!!
  • The player who uses the rubber band to shoot all the hockey balls to the opposite court wins this round.
  • The winner wins two rounds wins the game.
  • Bring this New Design Hockey Table Game Home and have a fun family night.

Bullet Points:

  1. Large Board Game: An excellent board game that you can play with and have fun with family and friends, so that you will not be bored in your spare time, and you can spend a happy time with family and friends.
  2. Solid Wood Material: Solid wood frames and wooden pieces are environmentally protective, beautiful, and durable. Lightweight and compact for easy to carry, and you can play on the table or floor at any time.
  3. Hand-eye Coordination Improving: Paced sling is a fast-paced action game. Improve your child's hand-eye coordination and enhance fine motor skills to expand your child's attention.
  4. Perfect Design: The smooth wooden table board is easy to carry when traveling, which is the ideal choice for small space, does not require batteries. Just take out the chessboard and play with family and friends. After playing, as long as the table is closed, it will become a box for all ice hockey.
  5. Suitable Occasions: The foosball table board game is suitable for family entertainment, birthday party, Christmas gifts, and sports board games, which is an ideal family and social activities with kids and friends! Children can play games with their friends, which can help them get along more harmoniously and enhance their sense of competition. This is a good gift for children, suitable for kindergartens and families.

Instructions for use:

  1. 2 player game
  2. Start the game and place five pucks on each side of the board. Slide both ends of the elastic band into the side grooves so that they snap into place. The two players applauded the "High Ten" style to start the game.
  3. The player uses an elastic band to launch the puck from the door until there is no puck next to it. Players don't turn, they just refill and shoot as fast as possible. Whoever clears the board first wins.
  4. Extra Punisher Game Variations
  5. For experienced players, Punisher is an interesting variant of the game. Every time you launch an ice hockey ball without going through the gate, you must pick up an opponent's ice hockey and stand aside, while reciting "I accept my punishment.


  • Name: Foosball Table Board Game
  • Material: wood
  • Size:
  • Small size: about 36*21.5*2.5cm/14.17*8.46*0.98inch
  • Medium size: about 40*22*2.5cm/15.75*8.66*0.98inch
  • Large size: about 56*30*3cm/22.05*11.81*1.18inch
  • Product weight: about 300g
  • Accessories: 10 pieces
  • Exciting Puck Table Battle
  • Have thrilling fun at home and with family
  • Stimulate Kids' Reaction
  • Excitement encourages child to react faster and more accurate to sling 
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Training
  • Learn how to control the pucks and aim the direction, also get the ability of slinging strategy
  • Easy to Learn How to Play
  • Sling all of the pucks to opposite areas of player and get a win!
  • Excellent Kid Game
  • Let children get well along with others during playing table game, also have fun with family


Size differences ; 

  • Small size: about 36x21.5x2.5cm / 14.17x8.46x0.98inch
  • Medium size: about 40x22x2.5cm / 15.75x8.66x0.98inch
  • Large size: about 56x30x3cm / 22.05x11.81x1.18inch

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